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September 05, 2022 3 min read

Pebble Leather Phone Casesare superior to plastic or vinyl material cases in every aspect!

From the moment our precious devices are unboxed, we want to provide the best protection to keep it in pristine condition. What material is most effective to protect your phone from scratches, bumps and dents? 

 Leather phone cases are perceived as the epitome of all phone cases. When compared to Plastic or Vinyl cases, Leather phone cases are far superior. From our tests, we found Plastic cases tend to discolour, break around the edges, become loose over time and are generally too cheap to be reliable. 

Leather phone cases are far more favourable than plastic cases here are some reasons why… 

  •  Durability – compared to rigid plastic cases, leather cases are longer lasting if cared for properly! Leather cases are stronger than their plastic derivatives, plastic cases are easily scratched or broken after a hard fall. Whereas leather cases can endure falls etc. Furthermore, leather cases are the ultimate lifestyle companion, ageing beautifully and becoming unique to your identity. 
  • Non-slip grip – textured pebble leather creates a natural non-slip grip reducing the chance of your phone slipping
  • Shock resistant – Our pebble leather phone case is hand-crafted from top-grain leather that absorbs shock more effectively than a single-layered plastic case. Additionally, leather's inherent properties protect your phone from minor bumps and scratches. 
  • Stylish – Elevate your mirror selfies with apersonalised pebble leather phone case monogrammed with your initials! Plastic cases will eventually turn discoloured, whereas leather cases have a timeless appeal. Leather cases don’t only come in dull and boring colours, choose from an ever-expanding spectrum of colours to create a case that is uniquely yours. 
  • Doesn’t break the bank – contrary to your belief there are premium leather phone cases at affordable prices which you can find at MYPERSONALISEDITEM with personalisation for a more elegant look. 

Genuine Pebble Leather Phone Case in Black, Green and Beige personalised to perfection with a gold monogramPebble Genuine Leather Phone Case 

At MYPI, we have developed Phone cases handcrafted from Top Grain Genuine Pebble Leather which wraps around your phone and provides a protective, lightweight stylish option that will infuse practicality into your everyday life.

With the release of iPhone 13 Series, we ensured your phone will be protected not just on the surrounding edges but also by the camera lens which protrudes out of the top left corner of the phone. With a raised edge around the camera lens, we have been able to tackle this new feature to ensure safety for all those epic moments!

At MYPI we are also able to personalise all our leather goods! Take for example a Personalised iPhone 13 Pro Max Case. Being able to have your initials foil stamped onto your phone case creates an extra touch of luxury. Whether it's initials or your start sign we are equipped to meet your statement of choice.

As with all leather products, exceptional care and attention need to be applied whilst using a Personalised iPhone 13 Pro Max Case. We recommend wiping your phone case with a dry cloth and using a subtle leather cleaning product once a month to prolong the life of your personalised leather phone case!


Leather cases should certainly be considered when choosing the right case for your device. There are plenty of reasons to try it, including its affordability, elegance, and durability. 

Here at MYPERSONALISEDITEM we are the leading designer of leather phone cases in the UK. Check out our collection of personalised leather phone cases today and find one that is unique to you!

Amaani Suleman
Amaani Suleman

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